Edutemps…..not just temps!

By Michael McHugh

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Believe it or not, Edutemps is now six years old. How time flies when you are busy!

When we first set out with the vision of providing a specialised recruitment service that was focused on the VET sector, we knew it was addressing a sorely needed gap in the market. Little did we know just how popular such a service would be!

Not just temps

While our initial goal was to provide a reliable and skilled resource pool of temporary trainers for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), it quickly became apparent that there was an equally pressing need to satisfy the demand for permanent staff too. Clients wanted to be able to access a pool of quality candidates that had been scrutinised, profiled and evaluated. They also wanted a platform that would simplify and streamline the selection process and help them match role requirements with the most suitably skilled candidates.

The expertise, industry knowledge and networks we bring to the table enabled us to quickly develop our permanent staffing solution and the results have been greater than we could have ever anticipated. Clients have really warmed to what we offer and the demand continues to grow.

A diverse range of success stories

The sheer breadth of permanent positions that we have successfully been able to match with skilled candidates is proof positive that what we are doing is working. Here are some recent examples to show what we mean:

  • Head of Learning for a National Peak Industry Body
  • Compliance Manager at an Indigenous Dance Company
  • ESL Trainer and Assessor at an International College
  • Administration Officers and numerous RTO’s nationwide
  • Student Support Officers for an Executive Training Company
  • Business Development Managers in NSW and QLD for an RTO

More than just a labour pool

The success of Edutemps in permanent staff placement goes well beyond simply providing a central repository of skilled candidates. Our clients know that our extensive national network enables us to attract the ‘best and brightest’ in the industry. This ensures a baseline of quality, to which we can add significant value in a range of ways.

Our fundamental expertise in all areas of education means that we can accurately assess candidates and pinpoint their key strengths for better job matching. To further leverage our capability we have developed sophisticated recruitment processes and tools that really drill down to candidate suitability and increase the potential for the ideal match.

It is this meticulous commitment to quality that we find is really driving client satisfaction. We have worked with some great people over the six years and it is truly gratifying to have gained the trust and respect of so many, as we help them solve their permanent staffing challenges.

A consultative and collaborative service

One aspect that seems to really have struck a chord with our clients is the seamless way our service can fit into their recruiting demands. The focus is always on their understanding their needs and providing qualitative excellence in selecting the right person to fit the role. This is embodied in our outcomes-based recruitment approach and is supported by the time and care we take in genuinely engaging with you to gain a deep understanding of your needs.

Why not contact us now to find out more on how we can help and why our service is really kicking some goals in permanent staffing for the VET industry. Call 1300 880 720 now for a confidential chat.