The Team

Andrew Stuart

Andrew Stuart brings 20 years of experience in defining what makes a business successful and managing Andrew Stuartorganisational growth and change. His early career began in the financial services industry, where he quickly moved from administrative roles into marketing, research and product management. During this time he worked for national and multi-national firms, including Aetna Life, Commonwealth Bank and FAI Life. While building a respected reputation in those organisations, Andrew studied Accounting for 2 years before switching to Management.

His rapid rise inevitably led to a more independent expression of his entrepreneurial abilities, which took the form of a specialist graphic design agency, servicing the financial services sector. After establishing a thriving business from scratch, he instigated a vertical expansion into printing services under the banner of Harvest Design and Print. As Managing Director, Andrew succeeded in growing the business to a staff of 18 and secured a broad range of clients from among Australia’s largest financial services providers.

During his time at the helm of Harvest, Andrew developed a highly tuned ability to implement growth strategies, resource management, personnel development and high level client relationship development.

Seeking a new challenge the opportunity to move into the training sector came through a General Management role at a national registered training organisation, Directions Australia. In this new environment he found that his rare ability to pinpoint efficiencies and performance improvements in a wide range of operational areas had a profound impact on that business’ development. The business practices implemented dramatically reduced costs and improved the quality of programs. His natural affinity with technology management also enabled him to successfully direct innovations such as virtual learning.

Andrew’s passion for the training industry has now found its ideal expression as co-founder of Edutemps, as managing partner his considerable experience is being applied to rapidly grow a thriving organisation that is breaking new ground in developing services and solutions to fit both simple and sophisticated needs of clients, large and small.


Michael McHughMichael McHugh

Michael has been involved in all aspects of the vocational training industry for 10 years (except for a short stint as a home dad when he learnt all the words to the Wiggles catalogue).  As a management and training consultant, Michael has seen many changes in the training industry and the overwhelming need for training providers to be innovative, flexible and client-focused and to consider a range of strategies to achieve their outcomes.  As a training manager for a national registered training organisation and recruitment firm, he thoroughly understands the needs of organisations to locate and secure quality training industry professionals.  This not only includes trainers but compliance managers, curriculum developers, on-line instructional designers and administrative staff who know the training environment.

Michael studied organisation and management at the Sydney Graduate School of Management for his Masters of Arts degree from the University of Sydney and also has an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management, Diploma of Management and a Cert IV TAE.  He was a senior manager in the Public Sector, a manager and consultant in the training and recruitment industry and a management consultant to both private, public and community sectors.

In finding staffing solutions for the training industry he is able to provide what few generic recruitment agencies can offer.  A thorough knowledge of the training industry, a managers understanding of what is needed to get the best outcomes, a manager and recruiters eye to identifying quality candidates and an extensive network to create opportunities.

He maintains his passion for learning and the great rewards that come from peoples need to learn and excel.