Ever wondered why Australia does not seem to have a specialist staffing agency to bring trainers and training organisations together? . . .  . well so did we!

The concept for Edutemps began through a chance meeting between two people who had both experienced the frustrations and difficulties of finding quality trainers in tight time-frames.

Hours of intense discussion over countless cups of coffee ensued. What was needed was a way to provide a flexible workforce for RTO’s and training organisations to be able to respond to operational demands and opportunities.  This could include trainers but also a range of training industry professionals like resource developers, compliance and accounts staff  and many other roles that maintain and build the efficiencies of an RTO.  And what about permanent staff – generic recruiters don’t have the expertise to recruit and select managers, trainers and instructionaldesigners in the VET sector.

It all led to one inescapable conclusion; the time for a specialist staffing solutions company service for the training industry had come. The concept was achievable . . . but in order to work it had to be done well.

Principals, Michael McHugh and Andrew Stuart, were determined to make it happen and after an intense process of planning, research… and a lot more coffee drinking, Edutemps – was born.

Edutemps understands the challenges facing your training organisation and is now ready and willing to help you solve your staffing solutions challenges.